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Full English Title: Alice's Wonderland Mission ~Dream World~.

Project Title: AWM Project or Alice and Mad Hatter's Wonderland Project

Rating: PG-13 / T for 13+ (breif mild nudity and for some mild battle scene violance)

Caption: "Keep the dream inside your heart."
"Keep on Dreaming..."
"Believe in your dreams..."
"Keep on dreaming with your heart."


~Plot Summary~

The story of a girl named Alice Pleasance Liddell, she went to WONDERLAND and this is NOT her story, sorry... :"( This is MY STORY! I'm Avery Kindell Mackinzie.
I was minding my own business and then I saw the LEGANDARY White Rabbit!!!! Now I've got the job to save and protect WONDERLAND, and Our World from these unknown monsters!
...More to come soon...


Status Updates: Unknown
Current Chapter: <<Mission Day 1>>

((Read from Right to Left))
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